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The Spaces in Between

Ofis Art Center, Sakarya



It should be stated that artworks of Şive Neşe Baydar have serious distinctness in general abstract art as well as similarity: Contradiction to representation which is the typical characteristic of abstract expressionism and the fields which refers to excessive comment are not seen in her works. The representation is there; as for the comment, it has left its place to understanding. There is significant opposition to classical Euclidian perception-to geometry. In the artworks, it is attempted to nullify the anthropocentric perspective which prevails since Renaissance. Not only Euclidian but inverse perspective which is developed in contrast to Euclidian is objected in a similar way.The mere surface is not heeded. Bringing the canvas in forefront merely is not provided. Figures are not emphasized with explicit lines. It only makes vague impressions via marking indicators.The central element which constitute the impressions are the colours. The capabilities of the colours in itself; its relations with the light and shadow, would perfectly demonstrate “Remaining in-between” and “being in-between“. 

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