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Sympathetic System

Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Istanbul

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Sympathetic System invites us to look at the ways of engaging with the environment and space, and the social and political aspects of these relations, while rethinking them in the context of memory, related to the ways in which the living and non-living elements that constitute them are a$ected, and the ethical and aesthetic questions raised by human interventions. By addressing the singular and plural, individual and social e$ects of the transforming experience of space, the exhibition opens up for discussion the contemporary possibilities of public space and shared commons. How can subjects weave ways of discussing and constructing justice, organizing urgent transformation, building coexis- tences and gaining empowerment together, and discovering new forms of the shared sensibles, while under the pressure of a continuous experi- ence of threat in sensory, bodily and perceptual terms?


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