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Between Two 'Things'


Mabeyn Gallery, Istanbul

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While inclining towards the forms that are different to the outside world, the Artist in a sense is expressing the priority she is giving to the space in the paintings. ‘The Empathy’ in Worringer’s “Abstraction and Empathy”2 , can also be seen in the works of Edmund Husserl, the founder of the phenomenology. Husserl says, “Let’s get back to Things” thus handle phenomenon one by one stripping them of reality, find their contents (reduction) and from hear on move to the subjects that will help to explain all the phenomenon. This way, the artist reflects the essence of the object she took from the outside world on the canvas. The works of Şive Neşe Baydar, offers us the essence of Painting. The Artist is sharing the “existence process” of her paintings with the observer by pulling back her artistic attitude, by giving up her control and dominance over the paintings. Baydar’s series “Island”, “Forest”, “Kingdom” included in the exhibition she named “Between Two ‘Things’” tell the story of this “existence”.

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