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Night / Day / Like

Milli Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul

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Just as a landscape appears in foggy weather, the picture never showed all the details of the surroundings presented. The mind of the viewer had to travel in images in order to find his understanding of the world. These pictures are not landscapes; they were more of a mental landscape. In a way, Neşe Baydar's work seems to have a similar concern about the relationship between painting and the reality in which it takes place. In addition, his works are never simple reflections, but inspiring surfaces on which the viewer can construct their own reality structures. The work of the artist at the Millî Reasürans Art Gallery offers a magnificent beauty and a powerful visual. The absence of expressive brush strokes and the contrasts in the composition support the strong influence of the colors. In addition, the monochrome characters of the works strengthen their visual effects. The figures drawn in the foreground create a working contrast with the faded aesthetics of the background.

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